Are you a business owner dealing with rising drug and alcohol issues in your workplace?
Learn how to Fight Back.


Up to 15%of workplace injuries worldwide are attributable to drug and alcohol use

Around 60% of individuals who consume drugs and alcohol at harmful levels are in full time employment

Alcohol and other drugs cost Australian workplaces an estimated $6 Billion per year in lost productivity

1 in 10 workers says they have experienced the negative effects associated with a co-worker’s misuse of alcohol


Fight Drugs is a free information session applicable to all business owners in regional communities.

We will provide you with all you need to know about Drug & Alcohol testing, how to test and how to protect your business by developing a program.


What are the common drugs abused?

Why drug testing is important?

How to develop a program

Where do I start? We are here to help.


With over 33 years’ experience, we have assisted thousands of small to medium businesses across many industries in developing and implementing their own drug & alcohol testing programs.

We offer the number 1 selling saliva testing device to workplaces to protect their investments and to help business owners like yourself keep their staff safe. We also offer a range of handheld alcohol testing devices and urine cups.

Fight Drugs is a Pathtech initiative developed to assist rural community areas in fighting the rising drug & alcohol issues we are facing. Our saliva testing devices are currently used by all Australian Police Jurisdictions throughout Australia for roadside testing.